Sad Tourists in Milano

English: Milan Cathedral Français : La cathédr...

English: Milan Cathedral Français : La cathédrale de Milan Polski: Katedra w Mediolanie Italiano: Duomo di Milano (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I used to do a lot of business in Milan and Rome Italy. I traveled so often I lived there for a while. One day I was in Milan waiting for a bus to go to my friends house in Pavia (just south of Milan). As I stood at the bus stop, a very large tour bus loaded with Americans pulled up. Each face was up against the bus windows looking out. I couldn’t help but feel they were in Italy but not really. Totally insulated from the real Italy.

Large tour buses typically take their people to tourist places that don’t serve the really great Italian food. Why do so many people go on tours? Are they afraid? Is it the Language? Do they feel they might miss something on their own? We will be addressing each of these in the upcoming BLOGs. Stay tuned!

If you take tours, let me know why?

See you on your trips,
George & Jo Anne

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5 thoughts on “Sad Tourists in Milano

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  3. anniedm778

    I’ve never been to Europe or Milan, but am planning on visiting next year. My daughter has taken a job in Germany starting late August and so I will travel to visit her and venture out to see Italy and France. I’ve never used the metro, etc. and am a little intimidated by it all. Tour buses seem nice and easy, but I agree, it takes away from the experience. My daughter says the metro is a piece of cake, lol. So, I will go try it on my own. I keep reading articles and advice, to try to learn about it.

    • The Metro is easy to use and trains (between cities are as well. Just remember to get your ticket stamped at a machine before boarding trains in Italy. The tickets are good for so much time after timestamp. If you get caught without a timestamp there is a hefty fine. I find in Italy you can eat at any Trattoria (as opposed to Restorante) for reasonable price and great food. France is more like here. You need to know which are good and bad. If you like sweets they are fantastic in Italy & France. The pastry is less sweet than here but very crispy and delicious. Enjoy yourself and get to know the people. Let me know how it went.

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