I Love the Small Streets of Europe!

Europe has such small and romantic streets. They are lined with stores and restaurants and yes peddlers. Some are so narrow you can only get a very small car through. I was following a friend in Italy and came to a very narrow passage. I had to back up and go another way. If I continued I would have been wedged between two walls with no way out.  These streets can be cobble stones or paved, tiles or stairs (as in Positano) but they all offer an adventure. Walk them, meet some people, eat in the non touristy restaurants with the locals and shop in the small non touristy shops.

Smart phones are amazing as guides. I use my iPhone GPS in walk mode to find my way out of a maze and back to a known area or my hotel. If you familiarize yourself with a city map and place major monuments on it, you will not get lost. Your smart phone can help you in a pinch. The European Metro’s (subways) are safe and easy to use. There are Metro apps for your smartphones on most major cities. Some of them let you enter a destination and they know where you currently are. They can then show you where the nearest Metro stop is and which trains to take to get to your destination.

What did we do before smartphones?



a Hotel Trevi - 05


George & Jo Anne


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3 thoughts on “I Love the Small Streets of Europe!

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  2. I love wandering these streets. I remember getting lost in Paris one early morning some 20 years ago (I have no sense of direction) – fortunately I came upon a Metro with a map! The best discoveries travelling, I feel, are made by making a plan then detouring from it.

    • I totally agree. Plans are necessary to see what you want but being spontaneous as the occasion arises is fun. Some of my best memories are from those type of moments.

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