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Everyone says this but you really only believe it when you are there. Ill say it anyway- All major cities speak English! Way more than you would expect and it even makes you feel bad because you realize they all know 2-3 languages and you know one. Even though they speak English you should still learn some phrases before you go not to be rude. You should always know “Do you speak English” in their language especially in Paris. They tend to pretend they don’t know English unless you do that; and even when you do they will still pretend until you struggle enough.

  • French- Do you speak English- Parle vous Anglais? Pronounced Par-lay Voo On-Glay
  • I don’t speak French- Je ne parle pas Francais. Pronounced- ja na par-al pa Fran-say
  • If they are still looking at you funny say- English?
  • Italian- Do you speak English- Parli Inglese?
  • English?
  • Spanish-

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One thought on “Trip advice and tips for Europe

  1. Hi George – really like your blog site. Thanks for linking to mine too. You are a fellow lover of travel. Lovely reads.

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