I can’t Travel without a tour, I’ll get Lost!

Deutsch: Eiffelturm Français : La tour Eiffel

Deutsch: Eiffelturm Français : La tour Eiffel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever said this? Think you can’t go to a foreign country on your own, especially a non-English speaking country? Think again. Most tourist areas have plenty of English-speaking people. Buy a tour book on the area you are going. Familiarize yourself with the top attractions to be seen. Mark off those places you want to see and mark them on a map so you can see which are close to each other. Plan your days and which attractions to see each day. A smart phone with a map app will work well here. You can “pin” each place and then get walking directions from one pin to the next. If you get lost it will help you get to your next place or back to your hotel.

Try the food and wine and enjoy yourself. Talk to the locals whenever possible. Shop in the small stores and talk to the owners. Get recommendations of where they like to eat. Europe is not so foreign, but it is fun. Enjoy Don’t be afraid of the Metro’s (subways). They are safe, clean and easy to use.


George & Jo

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