Campania, Italy

You know how much We love to travel in Europe especially Italy. This is a BLOG about Campania. A region we love and chose to buy a home. It is home to the world famous Amalfi Coast and Island of Capri. Enjoy …
George & Jo

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The region of Campania is one just off the coast of the Amalfi Coast in Italy. It is home to the beautiful city of Naples, Mt Vesuvius, and the ever so famous Roman city of Pompeii. Walk or sail through the parts of the world where the epic Odysseus, Aeneus, and Icarus all faced their fates.
2013 is the perfect year to visit Compania, Naples especially, because this year the UN will hold its Univesal Forum of Cultures from July to April here. Come and experience art exhibitions, music, cinema, and dance, street artists, theatre, circus acts, food markets and workshops from all five continents.
pizzaIf the art, history, and beautiful landscapes are not enough to get you to visit the beautiful region of Campania, lets consider the cuisine. This region of the world is best known for its pizza Napolitana, with thicker pizza crusts, and the…

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