Setting up an Apartment in Italy

We bought a small apartment (condo) in Campania Italy (Salerno Area).The building is new so we did not have any renovations to worry about. It was turned over to us very clean and ready for us to set up. The building administrator, Maria is an angel. Without her we could not have done this. Apartments in Italy do NOT come with a kitchen. So our first order of business was to get a kitchen and a bed. Maria helped by negotiating at a local store. We agreed on a kitchen, a bed and a price and wired the money. The kitchen was installed and the bed setup within a few days. We even got a table and 4 chairs thrown in. We are now ready to go for a week and make it our second home.

We have a balcony with a view of the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains. We will enjoy many nights out there with a bottle of local vino, some cheese and great Italian bread. Just taking in the breathtaking views. The sea and a great beach is 10 minutes away.

Sandy beaches and palm trees. We feel like we have a bit of paradise here on Earth.

(English version) Category:Maps of Campania Ca...

(English version) Category:Maps of Campania Campania Campania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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6 thoughts on “Setting up an Apartment in Italy

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  4. Gina

    We use to live in a very small village called Mercogliano. The next biggest city is Avellino. We loved our 3 years there! Enjoy your new home!

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