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I loaded a very useful app on my iPhone called “Transit”. It allows you to enter a start city and destination city. They can be small towns or large ones. It gets you to the nearest rail, bus or metro line then plots which lines to take to get close to your destination. Finally it tells you how far you are from the destination. I did Rome Airport at Fiumicino to Velina in Campania Italy. I entered FCO, the airport call letters for Rome Fiumicino as the start and Velina, Italy as the destination. It provide 3 alternative routes. The first was:

  1. Walk to train FL1 at Fiumicino Airport
  2. Take train FL1 to Tiburtina station in Rome
  3. Walk 2 mins to train to Ascea
  4. Take train to Ascea (6 stops)
  5. Take local transportation like a taxi 9 km (12 mins) to Velina

Total time 5 hr and 33 mins 348 km.

These apps can be a life saver in getting around Europe or from a major city to a small city you want to see.

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