Counting the Days!

Continental italian bread

Continental italian bread (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are counting the days until we are back in Italy at our apartment in Velina (in the Cileno National Forest). This trip will be mostly working on the apartment. Setting up the kitchen, bath and bedroom. We will also be having fun exploring our small town and the near by seashore towns. There are a few hill top towns we also want to investigate. Mainly the trip is to familiarize us with the local area, stores, food and wine. We will be sitting on our balcony overlooking the sea and the mountains with a bottle of local wine, some local cheese and bread (the great Italian bread). The first night will be in Positano so Jo can pickup some dishes for the new place and for us to spend and afternoon in this fabulous town. Then off early to drive the Amalfi Coast Road to Salerno and stop at the IKEA for needed items. Then south past Agropoli to Velina. The last night will be at a hotel near Fumicino (Leonardo Da Vinci) airport. This will allow us to get up early have some breakfast and get our plane home.

George & Jo


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