Why is Italian Food in Italy so much better than here?

Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe

Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe (Photo credit: epSos.de)

Italians are all about eating well, eating fresh, taste and life. Food has always been an important part of their lives. They farm by rotating crops to preserve nutrients in the soil. They mostly use organic methods. They do this not because it’s popular or a fad but because the food tastes better. Wine is included in this. Part of what makes a wine so delicious is how the grape is grown. There animals are raised on the land and eat what they have always eaten. Ours are in pens and are feed chemical feeds. Their vegetables taste and smell so much better than ours. Remember eating starts with the eyes, goes to the nose and ends up in the mouth. We see our food and are attracted to it. We smell our food and that makes us salivate and prepare to eat. Finally we eat our food and enjoy its taste. Taste is to a small degree the taste buds on our tongue but to a larger degree its a nasal function in the back of our mouths. As we chew our food smells go into our nasal cavity and our brain interrupts these as taste.

The last time we were in Italy, we were amazed by the food, especially the tomatoes. It was late May and early June. The tomatoes looked red and firm. You could smell them as they were cut and the taste was not watery but of a great tomato. Italian cooking is never about processed foods but fresh grown foods that taste great. Every bite is about an explosion of flavors that excite you to continue eating. Watch Italians in Italy eat. It is a social thing. They are enjoying each other, the people around them, the wine and the food. It is after all the essence of life!

George & Jo Anne


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6 thoughts on “Why is Italian Food in Italy so much better than here?

  1. “Watch Italians eat in Italy….” an excellent observation. Eating is so much more than nutrition for Italians. I even noticed how the waiters behave there vs. in America. They seem to really take their time trying to help you construct an order that’s just right for what you want. In the US, everything is so rushed!

    • I agree Stacy. We buy fresh ingredients at our house in Italy and they are from local farms. The fish is fresh caught locally. We even met the fisherman at the fish store once. It makes a big difference in taste snd quality.

  2. Giacomino

    The answer to this question is simple: Because what you eat at home (I assume you are talking about America) is not Italian food…it is Italian-American food. I am not being critical but I am being honest. The recipes & ingredients are rarely local, seasonal, original or authentic. This is not to say that Italian-American food is not wonderful or delicious…but it just isn’t real Italian.

    When the great migration began in the very early 1900’s, Italians from every region, province, city, town & village boarded cargo ships & ocean liners bound for L’America. They brought with them their regional cultures & cuisines & traditions. They even brought with them their prejudices & animosities.

    But when they reached America, they did not segregate themselves again…they couldn’t. They were not well received. Instead they all lived together in neighborhoods or Little Italy’s all over America. As a result, the language & the dialects & recipes & cuisines blended together & everything changed. They became Americanized.

    As for the question posed by this article, many ingredients that were readily available in Italy could not be found in America, so they made due with what they had. And over the years, it has only gotten worse. The food supply in America is anything but local, seasonal or healthy.

    Add to that, most recipes were not written down! Nonna’s rarely wrote anything down. And for the most part, their son’s & daughters had little interest in learning the recipes…but were more than happy to eat them! So over the years, the cooking has become diluted & in many cases it has disappeared completely.

    • I totally agree but my point was to Americans that do not understand this. Going to Italy provides many experiences. One of them is food!

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