A Tale of the Funiculare and the Duomo…

We have spoken about Orvieto in this BLOG. It is one of our most favorite hillside towns in Italy. San Gimignano being another. I reblogged this since it captures a story about entering Orvieto on the funicular and experiencing the massiveness of the Duomo.
George & Jo Ann

Adventures of a Late Bloomer: Italy Edition

Our next stop was Orvieto and I must admit, I was sad to leave Venice. I’ll come back one day, my love!

Orvieto in a nutshell:

2013-07-20 10.41.362013-07-20 10.42.472013-07-20 10.48.562013-07-20 10.51.112013-07-20 11.10.492013-07-20 20.53.07

2013-07-22 21.34.312013-07-22 21.35.002013-07-22 21.35.442013-07-22 21.36.37

The Oriveto Duomo is one the best examples of Italian Gothic architecture. During Professore Perricone’s lecture, he read an excerpt from Dante’s Inferno in Italian! It was lovely!

2013-07-22 21.40.242013-07-22 21.40.33

2013-07-22 21.41.26

Orvieto at night 🙂

2013-07-23 10.20.112013-07-23 10.20.48

Strolling around and this is what we see…

I call this my Orvieto Jump! I am terribly afraid of heights so after walking down a rickety wooden ramp attached to the side of a hill, I was overjoyed that I made it alive! Woohoo!

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