Where do you like to stay in Europe?

Palace Hotel in Sinaia, Romania, 1971

Palace Hotel in Sinaia, Romania, 1971 (Photo credit: Rob Ketcherside)

Are you a big resort type of traveler or a small local hotel or maybe an agriturismo out in the country or a villa with many bedrooms and baths. We all have favorite places and types of places we like. I enjoy a local hotel. I am tired of big American hotels that don’t offer much. I prefer a family run small hotel with a private bath. The bath is one luxury I insist on. Jo Anne says “Camping is a hotel with one bathroom”. It is hard and expensive to get more than one bath unless you rent a villa. The villa is another great idea especially if you are traveling with one or more other couples. You each get a bedroom and possibly a bathroom. Kitchens allow you to partake in the local foods and cook a meal. The small hotels and villas allow you to interface with the locals better. Get to know the people, the food and the wine in each area you visit.

George & Jo Anne


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2 thoughts on “Where do you like to stay in Europe?

  1. Agriturismo all the way for us. Pro tip: make sure you know what forms of payment are accepted. Through a slight language misunderstanding, we found ourselves in need of 600 Euro’s cash in a small town in order to check out. Chalk it up to exciting travel experiences!

    • Yes cash is important especially in smaller cities. We bought furniture for our place and found out they only took cash. I try to have cash for the night and if I use it I look for an ATM.

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