Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park

As posted yesterday, we live in the Cilento National Park of Italy. This is a beautiful park that is being preserved by the Italians. No new construction, no huge resort hotels on the beaches. Natural beauty at it’s best. If you haven’t seen it, put it on your bucket list!

George & Jo Anne

Italian National Parks


History of the Park

The Park was established in 1991 after a long period of debate, started in 1973 with the International Meeting about the mediterranean coastal parks, with the aim to preserve cilentan coast and inland from mass tourism and building speculation.

The final result was the institution in that same 1973, from the Italian Environment Ministry, of two different protected areas respectively located around mount Cervati and Calore river that formed a total surface of 36.000 hectares while today the zone measures 181.048 hectares making it the most extended italian national park, englosing 80 councils and 8 mountain settlements.

The Cilento an Vallo di Diano Park region is bounded by Sele river to the north, Vallo di Diano to the east, Policastro gulf to the south and Tirrenian sea to the west. In 1980 it was named Human Heritage Site from Unesco due to the archeological sites of…

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