How do I see the Most Italy has to offer?

Some try to take mega tours and see 21 cities in 25 days. I hate this approach. I don’t like tours at all. My strategy takes several trips to achieve but ultimately you see more of Italy and build memories you will never forget. Here is a suggest way to see Italy:

  1. Start with major cities like Rome, Florence and Venice. They offer the best museums and architecture, You will have no problem getting around. You can walk if you are able, take public transportation like metros or taxis. Great restaurants are easy to find.
  2. Go to other big cities like Milan, The lake district, Naples, Orvietto and Verona. These cities offer great museums and architect as well.
  3. Visit walled cities like San Gimignano, Padova, Lucca, Pisa, Capri, Positano, Pompeii, Assisi etc. There is a list of walled cities around the world on Wikipedia.
  4. Get off the well-travelled roads and visit small cities that few tourists go to. Maybe you see a mountain village from the autostrada. Get off at next exit and use your smart phone Map apps to determine what the city is and map a route to it.

We enjoy taking people to both big cities and small treasures. Food and wine is always great. The sites are interesting and the memories are being formed at every turn in the street. Join us or go on your own but enjoy and be romantic!

George & Jo Anne

D-Positano aea

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