We are going to Paris in the Spring with my sister and Brother-in-law. I have always enjoyed Paris. Yes it is expensive but so is New York. Any major city has expensive restaurants. We plan on eating at the apartment we rented a few nights and going out to restaurants a few nights. Paris has so many street cafe’s that you can eat breakfast and lunch very cheap. The food is great. I am dying for a Paris made croissant. They are flakey and taste so good. My definition of a great croissant is one that makes crumbs everywhere as you eat it.

Site seeing is great, the architecture in Paris is fantastic and the museums are the best but it is sitting at a small cafe in the left-bank eating something with a glass of wine and watching the Parisians go about their business. Parisians have a reputation of being unfriendly. I don’t find this at all. They are similar to New Yorker’s. They don’t spend time saying how are you and not meaning it. They can be very helpful to tourists. Try to say something in their language. They appreciate that a lot.

Use your smart phone to get Paris subway apps. The better ones use GPS to determine where you are and can find nearest metro station. If you give a destination, it will tell you which train to take, in what direction and for how many stops. If you need to switch trains it will guide you as well. Map programs can help you walk around Paris without getting lost. Put it on walk mode and ply in your destination. Always remember your hotel address so you can find your way back.

Eifell Tower Base

Enjoy the City of Lights! The city of ROMANCE!

George & Jo Anne


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2 thoughts on “Paris

  1. Brilliantly written and great insights, certainly interested in trying some of these things. Keep it up 

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