Cilento Forest Italy

The Cilento National Park is one of Italy’s largest parks. Jane Dunford writes about Italy’s Cilento Region and beautiful it is. Italy is a beautiful country, full of beautiful areas and cities. The large main cities are a must to see. The smaller mountain cities must also be seen. Areas like Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast are very beautiful and full of tourists. The client region is one of Italy’s best kept secrets. They have kept it for themselves. The Germans have found it and it is one of their favorite summer resort areas in Italy.

The Sea is beautiful, the mountains are awe-inspiring. The beaches are sandy and have been awarded a Blue Flag designation. This is the highest rating a beach can get. Restaurants are not as expensive as Tuscany or Amalfi but are just as good. The local wines are fabulous. This is the southern part of the Campania Region. It is home to Bufala Mozzarella (Buffalo Mozzarella). There is a road from the autostrada south of Salerno that heads south to Agropoli. Along this road a many bars, restaurants, gas stations, etc and many bufala mozzarella stores.

Getting there is easy:

  1. Airplanes into Rome or Naples (Naples is closest airport).
  2. Drive from Rome (about 4.5 hours on great roads).
  3. Train from Rome, Naples or Salerno into the Cilento region.

You will need a car once there as everything is a drive.

George & Jo Anne


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