Paris in the Springtime

We are planning a trip to Paris next month. I love Paris, who doesn’t? After a winter like we had, Spring in Paris is just what the doctor ordered. Paris is always beautiful, even in the rain. Spring makes it even more beautiful with all the trees and flowers in bloom. has an article on what to do and see in Paris during the Springtime. Get out of Paris as well with a side trip to Versailles or Champagne. Both are easy train rides from Paris.

The basic idea is to get out with the locals, walk around, enjoy the cafes and museums, enjoy the people and be romantic. After all it is Spring and you are in Paris. How much better can it get? Don’t spend all your time in a museum or at a tourist site. Spend time on the streets with the Parisians. Be like them. Enjoy Paris and its people.

Paris in Spring

George & Jo Anne

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2 thoughts on “Paris in the Springtime

  1. There are some great street markets in Paris if you like that kind of thing. And as odd as it sounds, take a walk through one of the cemeteries with famous people buried in…the tombs/shrines/graves are amazing! which believe me is not something I’d ever thought I’d say! You’ll have a great time, I look forward to reading about it 🙂

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