I Left my Heart in Positano

Positano is heaven on Earth! I have written often of this enchanting place. The town is in the Campania region of Italy and the views, the people, the food and the wine are excellent. This should be a destination on everyone’s Bucket List. You do need to be some what able to walk and climb stairs. Positano is a city built on the side of a very steep mountain. It starts at its two beaches and rapidly climbs up on millions of steps. From the top of this city to the beach can be 1,000 or more steps. There are two rods only in this small town. Ones skirts the edges of the town and is the famous Amalfi Coast Highway. This can be walked, we did it but the traffic can be heavy and cars move by very fast. The other road starts high up on the mountain at the Amalfi Highway and winds down to just above the beach and then part of the way back up to meet the Amalfi Highway at the other end of town. It is a one way road down. You can walk it and it will wind up or down bypassing many steps. Walking back up is steep but doable. There are many shops and restaurants along this road.

At the bottom of the road (in the center of Positano) just before it climbs back up to the Amalfi Highway is a pedestrian walkway to the church and beach. At the start of this walkway is the local bus stop. You can take this in a loop up the Amalfi Highway an=d back down the road again. After a long day of walking this may be a great option for getting back up the mountain. You will rapidly fall in love with Positano.

From the large beach at the church you walk a pathway over to the small beach. You can also catch a ferry to many cities along the Amalfi Coast including Naples, Sorrento, the Isle of Capri, Amalfi and Salerno. If you are driving the Amalfi Coast Highway goes from Sorrento through Positano and Amalfi to Salerno. It is narrow and tight. It is also very crowded in the summer.

Watch the video below as the author arrives in Positano on a ferry, walks around and then departs on a ferry.


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