Passing the Time on Long Flights

How do you pass the time on a long flight to Europe? Rome is about 8 hours going and 9.5 returning. At first it seems way too long to be seated. The new rules don’t let you stand around so most of the time you are in your seat on your butt! Going to Europe is almost always an overnight flight. I try to get some sleep. It may not be the best sleep but at least it is a little. It is dark outside and they dim the cabin lights so it is not too difficult to sleep. If you are a person that can not sleep on a plane then watch movies, play games or read to help pass the time.

Once you arrive you are tired, after all you are starting a brand new day with little or no sleep. Don’t make the common mistake of taking a nap at the hotel. It is very important to force yourself to stay awake. You can crash early in the evening but make it to at least 7 or 8. If you nap your body never switches time zones. You will wake up in the middle of the night starving because it’s food time back home. If you had forced yourself to stay awake until evening, you will sleep sound and wake up on the new time zone ready for a new day. Your adrenaline should help keep you awake that first day. After all you are in a new country and a new city.

The flight home is a little depressing. It’s longer, you are going home and your vacation is over. There is no adrenaline to help. I find most flights back to the states from Europe are in the late morning arriving mid afternoon. The sun is out the whole way. The cabin is well-lit. When you land it’s 9 pm or earlier in your European time zone. It’s not hard to stay awake. Watch movies or read. Keep busy and the time will pass. When you finally get home its late afternoon or early evening. Stay awake until around 7 or 8 pm again. Now you can sleep, its midnight to 2 am in your European time zone. Wake up the next day back on your USA time zone.

Enjoy your trip and travel smart!

George & Jo


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