How do you like to travel?

I love being on my own. Searching for interesting spots in a city or great cities out in the country. I love to find a small trattoria or cafe that serves good food & wine and has friendly people. This is what makes a vacation memorable. Yes you need to see the major monumnets but they won’t be what you remember the most. It will be the small shopping street you found or the cafe that served a wonderful dish and made you feel at home. Here are some ways you can vacation in Europe:

  1. Full tour – You are picked up at airport, tour around and are dropped off back at airport. You have little freedom to do what you want to explore on your own. Most people do this because it feels safe. They don’t know the language and don’t want to get lost.
  2. Partial tours with free time – These are much better than full tours because you have time to be on your own and explore. Use it to see neighboring cities, small streets and pick an interesting tratorria or cafe.
  3. Walking Tours – These are ad hoc tours that you can join and walk around a part of a big city like Paris. There are these tours in the Latin District of Paris. Boats like on the Seine in Paris offer interesting short tours.
  4. Hop-On-Hop-Off Buses or Boats – These offer a quick and easy way to see the main sights of a city and get off to spend time then get back on again later. They are inexpensive and help you lay out where everything is in a city. You can then go back and spend time at individual attractions.
  5. On Your Own – This is my favorite type of vacation. Plan ahead and know what you want to see. Map out your visit but be open for new discoveries. Be free to change your schedule or do something totally different. As I walk around looking at attractions , I look at trattorias and cafes for menu and price. If the staff is there I check out how friendly they are.

Enjoy your trip and be a native of which ever country you are visiting. Never be an UGLY AMERICAN!

George & Jo Anne


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