We just got back from a visit to Paris. We took two people who had never been to Europe before. It was great seeing this magnificent city through their eyes. They were amazed at the grandeur of the churches, friendliness of the people and the people watching along the small streets of Paris. Yes I did say friendliness of the French people. I have always found them to be friendly. It is like many people here in the states think of New Yorker’s as cold and not caring. This is totally wrong, they just don’t walk around saying hello how are you to everyone they pass. Parisians are the same. If you try a little of their language like Merci and Bon Jour, they respond with a smile.

We had lunch at a cafe in Reims (Champagne area) and joked with the owners. We all laughed and had a very enjoyable lunch. Hours later we were walking back from a champagne tasting to the center of Reims and a car beeped its horn at us and a woman waved. It was the owner of the restaurant saying hello! Smile, be kind and BE RESPECTFUL and you will be treated likewise. The rule I tell everyone we take around Europe is “You are in their country! don’t ask why they don’t do things like we do.” If you remember this simple rule, you will have a more enjoyable vacation.

More on our Paris, Reims and Versailles trip this week …

George & Jo Anne


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