Looking Forward to Italy

We are planning a fall trip to our house in Italy. It is in the very small village of Velina (Casal Velino) in the Provence of Campania. Our city is in the Cilento National Park, one of Italy’s largest parks. We are looking forward to living the Italian life again. This is strolling the streets of a small town saying “Boun Giorno” to everyone we meet. Shopping at each small store including:

  • Small supermarket
  • Bread store
  • Cheese shop
  • Pasta shop
  • Chocolate shop
  • Wine store
  • Pastry shop
  • Vegetable shop
  • Fruit shop

Life is great on a small-scale! You don’t need huge freezers because no one freezes much except gelato and ice cubes. You don’t need a big refrigerator as well because you buy what you need for the day and eat it. The next day brings different and fresh food.

I can taste the flavor of the tomatoes. They are so fresh as you cut them you can smell them. Vegetables have dirt from the ground still on them. The bread is to die for. We sit on our balcony looking at a 4900 foot mountain and the sea. We drink wine and eat some bread and cheese and some fruit. Yum!

The beach is less than 2 miles away. It was awarded the Blue Flag, which indicates it is one of the cleanest and best beaches in Europe. The sand is soft as the gentile waves roll in (in winter the waves are very strong). There are palm trees everywhere and bars right on the beach.

Life is simpler, slower, more tasty.

George & Jo Anne

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