Marina di Ascea

Where we live in southern Italy has many beaches and small towns in Cilento Campania. Marina di Casal Velino is one place that gets a lot of European tourists in the summer. Marina di Ascea is the next town south and has beautiful beaches and a small town atmosphere. You can find all kinds of water sports here with plenty of beach to bask in the sun. Palm trees everywhere invite you. There are cafes and restaurants all around this small town. Enjoy breakfast before a day in the water. Enjoy lunch with a glass of wine as you study the people around you. In the afternoon enjoy a glass of wine or a gelato to cool you down.

There is a train station here (end of the line) that goes north to Salerno then onto Naples. From Naples you can go anywhere in Europe on fast high-speed trains. The roads lead you from town to town. You can head north to Agropoli but the road was washed out and is being repaired. More information on this later. From Agropoli head north towards Salerno and you will pass Paestum a Greek ruins that is in better shape than the ones in Greece. There is, believe it or not, an outlet mall on this road just north of Paestum. Just before you reach Salerno you will enter the Italian Autostrada wivh goes to Salerno (and the famous Amalfi Coast Road). From here it heads north to Naples, Rome, Florence and Milan or Venice. Be romantic and enjoy exploring the undiscovered parts of Italy.

George & Jo Anne


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