How do you find small mountain towns in Italy?

You look, look, look! They are everywhere. When we drive from Rome’s airport (Fumichino) to Velina (about 4.5 hours) we pass some of the most beautiful real-estate in Italy. The autostrada from Rome to Naples passes in a valley between mountains. On each mountain are numerous small mountain towns. Get off at the next exit, stop and use maps on your smart phone to find the town. Then plot directions from where you are to the town. When you get there look around, park and walk the town. If it’s in the morning stop at a bar and have a coffee and a pastry. If it’s lunch time stop in a trattoria or bar and have lunch. Trattorias have full lunch menus while most bars have pan inis to eat. Enjoy it. Sit out side if the weather is nice and watch the locals going about their business. When you are finished plot a course to the next big city (e.g. Naples or Rome) on your smart phone. It will get you back on the autostrada. Stops like this are the real Italy. You won’t find them on normal tours. These are the types of cities we specialize in. Be romantic, eat Italian, drink local wine, watch the people, communicate with locals, buy local products, eat their chocolate and eat lots of gelato. These are what memories are made of!

George & Jo Anne


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