After we found small towns in Italy, How do we get there?

If you are visiting larger towns in Italy, you can take public transportation. It’s very good in Italy. My first rule is travel to the nearest non-stop city. Airlines offer discounts for multi-stop flights but these flights can take as long as 36 hours instead of the normal 9! I would rather be in a car driving the Italian countryside looking for small towns than in an airport waiting for a connecting flight. At big cities you can take European trains almost anywhere. They even go to some small towns but not usually mountain towns. There are very fast trains between Italy’s main cities and the cities of other countries in Europe. Then there are local trains that go to all the other small cities. These can be crowded and slow. You can also rent a car or hire a driver. I love driving in Italy. Drivers are still courteous  and drive in right lanes allowing other drivers to pass on the left. Remember when we drove like that?

The Italian autostradas our high-speed and wonderful. They get you from one region to another quickly. Then get off and take the regular roads and see Italy. Stop often, have a coffee. Eat lunch or dinner. Meet the local people and enjoy life as Italians do. Remember the line from Eat, Prey, Love – Dolce Fa Niente! The sweetness of doing nothing. Don’t worry about work, the kids, your parents, the bills. Just relax and enjoy life again. If you are traveling with your one special love, be romantic. This will bring you closer together and create memories you will never forget. Life is meant to be enjoyed, stop wasting it. Have another gelato!

George & Jo Anne


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