How Best to Enjoy Italy

There are two sides to any country, especially Italy. On one side we have the large famous towns like Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence and Naples. These are must see places. They are full of history, art and ancient buildings. Rome is especially wonderful for giving you a feeling of walking among the Romans. Every time I walk in old Rome, I feel I am walking on the same stone roads as the Romans 2,000 years ago. Art is abundant in these towns. There are enough museums to keep you busy for a long time. Milan is a fashion capital. Some say above Paris and New York. You see smartly dressed Italians everywhere. These are great places to stop, be an Italian and have something to eat, drink and watch the people. Don’t watch your fellow tourists! Watch the locals. Eat and drink where they do. Enjoy life again. Be romantic, you are in Italy.

Small towns can also offer ancient buildings, art and places to see but on a smaller scale. Italy is full of small wonderful towns. These are especially good for people watching. Stay in a small town, be romantic and enjoy yourself. I was in a small town in central eastern part of Italy. As I walked the street, I smelled something wonderful being baked. It was biscotti (a typical hard Italian cookie). They didn’t have a bunch of flavors or shapes. You had a choice of ONE! I bought some and the man tried to explain to me to take my biscotti to the bar across the street and order the local wine. Then dip the biscotti in the wine and enjoy it. I said to my self, OK I will be a turist. Everyone will laugh and say we got another one. As I order my wine, I noticed all the locals had their own biscotti and were dipping it in their wine to soften it. Life is good!

George & Jo Anne


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