The Essentials of Memorable Travel

So by now you know I love travel. Especially travel to Europe. Memorable travel is more than seeing turist places. It is enjoying ones self, being romantic, relaxing. How do you do this? For one follow by rules for a great and memorable trip:

  1. Don’t Do 27 cities in 2 weeks!
  2. Don’t do large organized tours!
  3. Don’t see the tourist spots but miss the country and people
  4. Don’t rush from place to place!
  5. Do stop along the way to communicate with the locales.
  6. Do stop for a coffee break or two and watch the other people.
  7. Do visit bars! They are not only places to drink alcohol. They are were you get coffee, breakfast, lunch and an inexpensive dinner.
  8. Do enjoy the food and wine.
  9. Do try local dishes.
  10. Don’t eat at touristy places!
  11. Do eat where the locals eat.
  12. Do things that are romantic.
  13. Do travel with that special person or close family & friends.

These will help you see the tourist attractions but also to relax. To stop and observe where you are. To see the real country you are in. I feel so bad for people who travel to Europe and see it from a bus window. Never getting out to communicate with the locals. They come home with pictures and stories of the main tourist places but not real memories. They missed the real country they visited. Are you missing a lot when you travel?

George & Jo Ann


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