OK you are sold on Europe but How do you get there?

What are the top three reasons people don’t go to Europe? Money, Money, Money! Never borrow or use credit card debt to go. That only ruins your trip when you get back and have to pay for it. Most Americans don’t have four to six thousand to drop on a trip. There is the kids college fund, the mortgage, we need a new car, etc. The list goes on and on. There is a way. Save an amount you can afford each week, or month. Put it in a separate savings account just for vacations. Let it grow until you have enough to go. Then shop for deals on airfare and hotels. If having an account with several thousand in it is too tempting for you, start a Christmas fund and buy yourself a vacation gift at Christmas time.

Airfares are expensive but you can shop for deals. Last minute bookings can save a lot of money. Traveling Tuesday through Thursday instead of Friday through Sunday can save a bundle. Check both the airline sites and discount sites like Orbitz. Hotels can be inexpensive on discount sites. They don’t always get a lot off airfare but if you book it with them they can save you a lot on a hotel. Don’t pick the big American hotels. Go for small European hotels but be sure you have a private bath. The experience will be more memorable and fun. Many include a wonderful European breakfast with the room. Don’t look for American breakfasts, you are not in America. Eggs are usually only given as hard-boiled. The breakfast usually includes breads, pastries, meats and cheeses. Some have a variety of cereals as well. Juice and coffee is also available.

Enjoy your trip and be a European while you are traveling. Be romantic and be happy. Don’t forget the gelato and chocolate. These are less sugary than in the states and so delicious.

George & Jo Anne


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