It’s Almost August and I am Counting the Days …

We return to Italy in August! It will be a non stop flight into Rome and a rental car to drive to our place in Velina. It is a 4.5 hour drive mostly on Autostrada roads. From Rome we go south to Naples then south-east past Mount Vesuvius tp Salerno and finally south past Pasteum and Agropoli to Velina. We always stop at the Auto Grill on the Autostrada. The food is actually good! You can get coffee, soda, beer or wine. They serve sandwiches (panini) or hot meals. You can buy and take with you dry pasta, candy, cookies or cakes. We will arrive in the early afternoon. After we unpack and clean our place, we will go to the stores (they open after siesta at 4pm). In Italy you buy each ingredient for one or two days maximum at a different store that specializes in that food. We will go to the pasta store, chocolate store, bread store, buffalo mozzarella store, pastry store, wine store, fresh vegetable and fruit store (fresh from the farm with dirt still on them), cheese store, fish store and a small super market for any staples and dry goods we need.

Life is slower here. You learn to appreciate life and the people around you. The food is so good you notice it. We sit on our balcony with a bottle of wine, some fruit and cheese and watch the mountain near us and look at the sea. It is beautiful here. The view is magnificent as we eat slowly and enjoy life. In the night the etas come out like nothing you have seen. There are no big cities close enough to interfere with the star light. During the day we might go to the beach to enjoy the sand and water. In Italy everyone brings wine or beer to the beach  with snacks or lunch. Other days we tour some small mountain towns. This trip we will drive further south to some small seaside towns.

The trip always goes way too fast. We can’t wait until the time we can spend months here. We leave the day before our flight back to the US. On the autostrada between Naples and Rome we will stop at a small town or two. Have lunch and enjoy the day. In the evening we will drop off our rental car at the airport and take a shuttle bus to our hotel for one night. It is on the airport property. In the morning we will have a nice breakfast at the hotel and take the shuttle bus to the airport. After checking in and going through security, we will look at the shops and maybe have a glass of prosecco and some snacks before boarding our plane back.Italy is to be enjoyed slowly with wine and food and people.

George & Jo Anne


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