Campania – Southern Italy

Yesterday I spoke about going back to Velina Italy. It is a very small town in the province of Campania. Naples is in the northern end of Campania and Velina is in the southern end. The famous Amalfi coast and isle of Capri are about center in Campania. We have several beaches with the Blue Flag award (cleanest beaches in Europe). This area is part of the Cilento National Forest and is protected by Italy. Italy will not allow development of this area. No new buildings can be built. You won’t find big American resort hotels here. Here are some great beach towns:

  1. Casal Velino Marina – This is the closet beach to us (we can see it from our deck). It is white soft sand with palm trees and lots of restaurants. Some restaurants and bars are right on the beach. You can, of course, get pizza and gelato here. The town is not huge so you can walk to anything. Parking in the summer months costs but is free off-season. There are small hotels, B&B’s and Agrotisimo’o nearby. You can find ferries here to get you to other cities, boats for hire and a huge marina.
  2. Ascea – This is another beach just south of Casal Velino Marina.There are less tourists here and the beaches are just as nice.

As you drive south from Ascea there is a very small very winding road through the mountains. It is not for the faint of heart! There is a much better road with a system of tunnels to get you past the mountains. There is also a train that goes from Ascea south to Sapri and Maratea. Here you can find several small charming towns:

  1. Marina di Camerota
  2. Sapri
  3. Maratea – This city is in the mountains and on the coast. It has a beautiful cross high up in the mountain.

Maratea Cross

George & Jo Anne


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2 thoughts on “Campania – Southern Italy

  1. Herman R. DelPrato JR.

    Yep, great places been there done that and really enjoyed!!!Nice article George. We are a little further north in Formia near Gaeta….other nice coastal towns!!!

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