Campania Italy

Campania Italy is a beautiful place that many Americans visit. Many Italian-Americans are from here. When we think of Italian food in America, most of it comes from this region. At the north of Campania is Naples. A very old city with many residents. New York style pizza originated here. Pizza was probably first made here. Pastas are wonderful and seafood is abundant. Naples sits on the sea next to Mount Vesuvius. It is connected to Rome and the north and the south of Italy by well-built autostradas. These roads are wide and cars travel very fast.

In the middle of Campania is the world-famous Amalfi Coast. Real estate is very expensive and limited here. It includes Sorrento (across the bay from Naples) to Salerno. It also includes the island of Capri. Many famous and rich people can be seen here. The Amalfi Drive road is a windy narrow road originally built for horses by the Greeks and widened by the Italians. The scenic beauty here is unimaginable. My favorite town in this region is Positano. Positano is a hillside town built on a mountain. When you look at the construction you wonder how they ever accomplished it. Farther south is Pasteum a Greek ruins town with better ruins than in Greece. Then comes the town of Agropoli. From here to the southern end of Campania are wonderful beaches that have won awards for cleanliness. Boating and fishing are big here.

Compania is also where Buffalo Mozzarella comes from. This cheese is made from Buffalo milk instead of cows milk. It is creamier and tastes wonderful. They use it on everything here from pizza to salads to pasta. Discover Italia has a site on Campania that is worth a read. Campania also includes one of Italy’s largest national forests, the Cilento. Enjoy

George & Jo Anne


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