When to Travel to Europe

Europe is on most people’s bucket lists. It is a fun place with much less crime than we have in the US. The food is healthier and tastes great. Most of the people are friendly and helpful. The scenery is fantastic. The wine is great and cheaper. Need I say more?

So you want to go to Europe for the first time or you want to return. Maybe you got engaged there or married there. Or you went to school there. When should you go? If you have kids traveling with you, you are limited to times school is out. The worst month is August! It is very hot in most cities and all of Europe is on vacation during the month of August. Everything is crowded. July can be almost as bad. I prefer May, early June or September if you can. May and September are cooler months with much less crowds. Investigate weather conditions in the areas you plan to go.

Winter is a possibility for more southern parts of Europe. We serpent New Years Eve in Rome a few years ago. It was great. Rome is warmer but can get snow. The time we went had days that were spring like and evenings need a jacket. There were no crowds at all. We could easily navigate the streets without being bumped into. Crowded streets bring out the pick pockets so be on the alert.

Whenever you go allow yourself to change your schedule. If you find something really interesting, spend more time there. Don’t be a slave to your plan. You may want to go to a nearby city. Trains are fast and efficient throughout Europe. Use them! Remember to get your tickets validated before boarding your train (except certain E-Tickets). Enjoy yourself, be romantic and adventuresome. Stop for lunch and dinner and snacks or ice cream. Drink wine and observe the people around you. Have fun!

George & Jo Anne


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