Do You Like the Beach?

Who doesn’t! Even if you don’t like to sit in the sun all day, most people enjoy a walk on the sand and a dip in the sea. Europe has a system of classifying clean beaches. They are awarded the coveted “Blue Flag”. Italy has some of the best beaches in the world with a total of 269 Blue Flag beaches. My favorite area, Campania has 33 Blue Flag beaches. As everyone who is a regular reader of this BLOG knows, WE have a place in Campania in a small town of Velina. It overlooks the sea and beaches. The beaches we love that are near us are:

  • Casal Velino Marina
  • Ascea
  • Agropoli
  • Castellabate

But the Amalfi Coast also has Blue Flag beaches including

  • Positano
  • Capri

Some beaches are not the normal white sand we have here and in the Islands but lava sand. They are more rocky than most Americans are used to. The beaches near us in Campania are soft with sand. The Italian government stopped all new construction in the Cilean National Forest. Many of the Blue Flag beaches are located here. There are beautiful old cities but no modern high-rise resort hotels blocking the sea views. There are smaller hotels, B&Bs and Agriturismos. The later are small farm-house hotels that grow organic vegetables, meats and fish. They serve great meals and have modern accommodations.

Italy’s beaches are to be enjoyed! Many beaches and parks allow you to drink beer or wine but Italians do so with something to eat. It is considered bad taste to just drink. If you see drunk people, they are usually tourists. Enjoy Italy and abide by the customs! Fodor’s publishes 15 points of etiquette while visiting Italy.

George & Jo Anne


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