How to buy a Place in Italy – Part 3

OK closing is over we are on our way back to the US but still thinking about our beautiful place in Italy. We begin to plan our next trip. We will spend 11 days (Jo is still working). We choose November (Thanksgiving week) to get us the extra day and to see how the winter is in Velina. We reserve plane tickets, rental car and a hotel for last night in Rome. The drive back to Rome is 4.5 hours and our plane departs at 11 am. It would be a very early morning and risky to attempt this in the same day. We drive up to Fiumicino Airport on Saturday and stay the night so we are ready for a Sunday morning flight back.

There is no kitchen or furniture in our new place. It would be like camping out with a bathroom to stay like this (Jo is not a camper – She has always told be camping is staying in a Hilton with only one bathroom). So we look for a kitchen. Kitchens come in modular form with cabinets, sink, refrigerator, stove and cook top. You can also get a dish washer at the expense of cabinets. We decide on not getting a dishwasher. We did not like the kitchens in the other units of our place. Our condo manager (the owner’s daughter) helps us remotely. We look at kitchen places in Rome but delivery is way too expensive. Maria manages to find a wood cabinet (dark stain) kitchen with everything we want.

NB - IMG_4770

She negotiates a kitchen with a table and 6 chairs for the price of the kitchen. We then decide to get a bed (mattress and frame – Italians do not use a box spring) from the same place. They come and install the kitchen and setup our bed. We are not ready to come back to Velina without camping out.

We find online that our Home Land Security requires a form documenting any foreign deposits over $50,000. If your account had $50,000 or more, even for a day, you must declare it. This is NOT an IRS form. So I download the form and fill it out. The fines are huge if you are caught without doing this. We are now ready for our Thanksgiving in Velina Italy.

Tomorrow we will discuss the Thanksgiving trip, our first stay in Velina and the town and people we met.

George & Jo Anne


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