How to buy a Place in Italy – Part 5

Finally we arrive at our place in Italy. Staying 11 days here is a joy. It is off-season here. This area has many permanent residents but also it is a huge beach resort area. Our building is empty except for us. Our first task is hoping our clicker works on the gate. As we drive down the driveway we click it and viola the gate swings open. Now to get into the building and our unit. The keys all work flawlessly. We open our unit and it is clean and the kitchen looks great. We have a bed and a table & chairs to sit at. We have all the necessities! I have to go out on our deck and turn on the water and gas lines so the furnace can make hot water and heat at night. The electric is on already. We turn the thermostat on and in a few minutes we have some heat. We don’t need much because the temperature is very mild. After unloading the car and getting settled we are ready to buy supplies, silverware, glasses, etc.

We drive about an hour back up to the A3 autostrada in Salerno to an IKEA store. It is the same blue and yellow as here. We park in their huge parking garage and enter the store. We had gone to IKEA in Philadelphia and noted everything we would need. So we walked around and found things pretty much in the same order here. We found everything we needed. Two shopping carts full! We headed to the checkout. A woman directed us to a lane that was free. It was self checkout. WE used the wand on everything and completed our checkout. Now to pay by credit card. Oh no the credit card machine was missing! She transferred out purchase to another teller (with a long line of Italians waiting). We jumped in front and paid by credit card. What an experience. We headed back home. Along the way we went through a main area of Buffalo Mozzarella. We stopped for lunch at a nice little Trattoria. Inside were groups of Italian families having lunch. It was Saturday so everyone was taking their time. We ate the best Pasta con vongole (Pasta with clams), wine, fish and dessert. It was wonderful. The last thing I wanted to do now was drive back but we did.

C3 - IMG_5270

Missing Credit card Reader at IKEA

C2 - IMG_4780

Loaded car at Supermercato

After unloading everything at the house we still need some food and lights, lamps, glasses for water and wine, etc. There is a Supermercato in our town. It was food on the first floor, glasses, lights, lamps, dishes, mirrors, trash cans, etc on the top floor and washing machines and TVs in the basement. We bought some for and all the remaining items we needed to set up our home. In Italy business shut down between 1 and 4 pm. We were the last ones out of the store. They closed and locked the door behind us.

Italian refrigerators are very small compared to those in America but you don’t need a large refrigerator. Everyone buys fresh and only for today and maybe tomorrow. So we were in Italy … when in Italy … do as the Italians do. At 4 pm when the stores opened we shopped at a pastry store, cheese store, homemade chocolate store, pasta store, buffalo mozzarella store and bread store. Finally we found a fresh fruit & vegetable stand. The father and son brought everything in from the farm fresh. Things still had dirt on them and all the fruit had leaves. This produce was wonderful. The tomatoes were so much better than even the best Jersey tomatoes in the summer. The pears were juicy and so flavorful. Buying fresh each day is so wonderful and we have lost it here in America. Fruit and vegetables are picked early so they transport better but they never taste great. We pay a hefty price!

Eating breakfast on our deck looking at the sea and mountains puts you in a great place. It is better than meditation. Unfortunately the week is going way to fast.

On Monday we will discuss touring the area we live in and the great beaches there.

George & Jo Anne


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