How to buy a Place in Italy – Part 6

The beaches by us are great! They all have the coveted “Blue Flag” award. This is an award given to beaches worldwide that are clean and beautiful. Europeans come to this area in droves for the beaches. We have not seen any Americans here and it is a place Americans would love. Clean beaches, beautiful green and blue water, waves, sandy beaches, bars on the beaches, alcohol allowed on beaches and great restaurants. What more could you ask for? We have two great beaches within a few kilometers of our house:

  1. Marina Casal Velino – This is the closest and the road along the beach has stores on one side and the beach on the other with many palm trees. It gets crowded in summer especially in August when all of Europe is on vacation.

G5 - IMG_5247 G6 - IMG_5387

  1. Ascea – This is the next town south of Marina Casal Velino and has beautiful beaches, great restaurants, a train station (to go up to Salerno, Naples, Rome and all of Europe). It also has a great Greek ruin. It is onto of a hill as you enter the town.

F2 - IMG_0491

There are so many coastal towns in this area. Some have great beaches others just little tiny ones. They all have a great sea view. The sea here is the Tyrannian Sea (which is really the Mediterranean separated by a few islands).  In the summer the waves are mild, the water is warm and the temperature is tropical (low 80’s in daytime and mid 70’s at night). The winter brings rough currents and big waves as well as cooler temperatures (by about 10 degrees). It also brings the rain. There are still enough nice days to enjoy the area.

Many towns in this area were built on the sea. Pirates would raid them, forcing the people up into the hills to a sister town fortified by walls (castle). We were visiting our towns version of this. A beautiful old castle high on a hill.

E4 - IMG_0202

From there we saw a small mountain town in the distance. We used our iPhones to determine what the town was a plot a course to it. The town was called Salento.  The road up was very small with many hair-pin curves and no guard rails. We were coming around a curve when right in front of us were cattle. They all had eye contact with us and did not move. The man who owned them indicated to us to back up. We did so unblocking a driveway that lead to home for the cattle. They all walked up the driveway. We finally arrived in the small town. Parked and went to a small bar for coffee and breakfast. The town people were curious since they don’t see many foreigners. We walked all the small streets and walkways of this town.

J9 - IMG_0440 JA - IMG_0444

There are so many small towns in this area of Italy. Each has a story, local wine and local food. The people are all so nice especially to Americans. We were in our town and in the Supermercato were asked if we were Germans. We said no Americans. They gave us a big hug and smiles all around. Tomorrow we will discuss buying furniture in our small town and having it delivered.

George & Jo Anne

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