How to buy a Place in Italy – Part 10

We are back from our second visit to our house in Italy Velina Campagnia Italy in the client National Forest). We take a non stop flight on US Air from Philly to Rome. There is a closer airport but it requires a stop (sometimes more than 12 hours). The last thing we need after a 9 hour flight is to sit in an airport for many hours. Flying into Rome allows us to rent a car and be on the road quickly. The drive without a stop is 4 – 4.5 hours south. The roads are quick and excellent. The tolls are high. The A1 Autostrada from Rome to Naples is about 18 Euros or $24 but it is a great road and the Auto Grills (rest areas) along it are clean and have very good food (not like our turnpike stops). We arrived in Velina (at our house) about 2:30 pm. Al the stores and shops are closed for lunch from about 1:30 pm till 4 pm. We unloaded the car and opened up the house (turned on the gas and water). The place needed a cleaning (you can imagine the dust after 10 months). First problem we didn’t seem to have any hot water. I check the gas and the boiler and all seemed to be working. We called our condo person and they said someone would come out between 7 and 8 pm. They actually arrived after 11. Oh well time in Italy is like Quantum Mechanics (it really doesn’t exist). After 4 we went shopping for some food, wine and water. We went to our bread store, Mozzarella store, and supermercato. George was so tired after the plane trip and drive that he went to bed around 9:30. Jo Anne met the repair man and our neighbors next door. The man took only 1 minute to fix it. It was a blocked line. WE HAD HOT WATER!

The next day George got to meet the neighbors. The weather was fantastic (about 82 degrees F and no humidity). The last time we were here there was no other families at all (there are 10 units). This time about 5 units still had people in them on vacation. All of Europe is on vacation for the month of August. I personally don’t like going in August because the cities are hot and everything is crowded. We arrived August 29th so we saw some of the crowds at our beach but by Sunday the 31st, everyone was gone. We were again alone in our wonderful condo building. Of course as we drove down from Rome, the roads going back north were VERY crowded.

Tomorrow we will start to discuss the varies beaches and trips we took while in Velina.

George & Jo Anne


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