How to buy a Place in Italy – Part 11

We had 8 days in this wonderful place plus a day to drive back to Rome. We would spend that last night at the Rome Airport and fly home the next day. Friday was our first day in Velina (Campagnia). We spent it mostly as I said in my last post. Saturday was our first full day here. We got showered and dressed and headed for our favorite breakfast place, Isola Verde, right on the beach. It has free WiFi so we can stay connected. They serve espresso of course and all kinds of pastries fresh made. This is the Italian normal quick breakfast. They make croissants as good as France. Wonderfully flakey and delicious. You have a choice of chocolate filled, marmalade filled, cream filled or plain. The marmalade was excellent. The filling is very small, not lobbed in. It is also not overly sweet. Delicious and refreshing. They also have wonderful cakes and cookies. This place is a bar so we come in the afternoon for a gelato or wine or prosecco. There are tables both inside and out. We always sit outside with the palm trees and a view of the beach and water.

We decided we wanted to spend time on the beach and in the water. In Italy there are free beaches but you must have your own umbrella and chairs or you can pay admission to a beach club and get chairs and umbrella right on the beach. We decided to go to  club not far from Isola Verde called Lido Azzurra Beach Club. It cost 15 euros (about $20) and we could order food and drinks right on the beach. Imagine sipping your prosecco on the beach in a glass (not plastic). We had pizza and prosecco. The sand was white and hot. The water was cool and refreshing but not cold. There were no rocks on the beach or under the water. It was paradise.

We met the couple in front of us on the beach. They were from Naples. He spoke limited english and we spoke limited Italian but we managed to communicate and get emails addresses and Facebook addresses. A woman a few rows down came over and in perfect english asked if she could help translate. She was both an American and Italian citizen. We became great friends, met her fiancée (an Italian) and had dinner together later in the week. When we got back to the car we had a parking ticket 25 Euros. George made a stupid mistake of reading the sign as parking fee for 8 to 1 as 8am to 1pm but Italy uses military time so it is paid parking from 8am to 1am. We had to go to the police department get the form stamped many times and for some unknown reason they reduced the fine. You can’t pay the police! all payments are made at the Post Office. We had to find it and wait in line (about 10 people ahead of us). We paid the fine and got a receipt. All was well and it was a small price to pay for being in paradise.

Later back at our condo we met our neighbors. They were a family from Salerno. They suggested a restaurant for us to try called Anna dei Sapori. We went there that evening. The food was typical Cilento food and delicious. We ate outside by an ancient house that was their restaurant. They were so friendly and waited on our every need.

Tomorrow we discuss our Sunday adventures in paradise.

George & Jo Anne



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