How to buy a Place in Italy – Part 12

It is Sunday August 31 and we are looking to explore more small cities along our coast. Our beach is in a cove. If you go north-west from here you go out on a peninsula with many small towns. It eventually ends at Agropoli, the largest town near us. You can also take the inland highway to Agropoli (it is faster but not as scenic). We started our day by having breakfast at home. espresso coffee and eggs and great Italian bread. We also had some fruit and tomatoes. After breakfast we went to our favorite WiFi place on the beach and had another espresso. With our internet needs met we left and took a small road that winds in and out along the coast toward Piopi. We had been to Piopi last trip so we didn’t stop this time but continued on to a new city called Acciaroli.


This town has a small beach and many restaurants and hotels. It looks like it caters to a wealth clientele. After walking around the town and taking many pictures we got into the car and proceeded along a very windy road around the tip of the peninsula to Santa Maria Castelabate. Like so many Italian sea towns there are two towns. One on the sea with beaches and the other high up in the mountains protected by ancient castle walls. When pirates came the early Italians had towers along the Mediterranean coast. They would light a fire in the tower to tell the next tower the pirates were coming. They could warn people hundreds a miles away very quickly. The people would then grab their valuables and move from the beach town to the upper fortified town.

It was a very hot day and walking around this beautiful city made us thirsty. We stopped a beautiful small bar (see picture below) for a drink and a break from the sun.


Our friend Jan told us about a clothes line that hangs on a deck railing. They had bought one for their house in northern Italy. We looked but couldn’t find anything like it. As we walked down the small streets in this town, we saw a small hardware store. Inside we could one of these clothes lines. The only one left (it was pink but who cares). After buying it, we saw them everywhere!


We continued on to Agropoli and got on the highway toward home. This is the road that was washed out last year. Parts of it are closed and parts are one way only. We know the mountain road that parallels the highway at a much higher altitude. It brings you back down to the highway just before a tunnel that takes you through a very large mountain. That evening we had dinner at our favorite restaurant La Campagnola. We had a wonderfully fresh salad and some pasta. The head waiter knows us now and treats us very well.

Tomorrow we will talk about our Monday adventures in paradise,

George & Jo Anne


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