How to buy a Place in Italy – Part 13

It’s Monday and another beautiful day here. The clouds are huge but there is blue sky everywhere. It is so refreshing to wake up each day and see the sea and these huge mountains. We met a woman on the beach yesterday who has a fiancée that owns a pastry shop at the beach (Franco’s Bar). We went there to taste his pastries. They were fantastic. Our breakfast was an espresso and some small pastries. We met him and he was fantastic. George and he hit it off immediately.  He had a tray of cookies made up for us. In Italy everything from laundry to pasta and cookies is gift wrapped. It had a nice bow and you felt like you were taking a present home to be opened and enjoyed. After we went back to Isola Verde for another espresso and free WiFi.

As we were sitting there a man next to Jo Anne told her to look out at the sea. There was a very high but thin water-spout (tornado over water). You could see it splashing up the water. It hit land to the south of us and dissipated with no damage. George wanted to stop at a local wine store and see if they had bulk wine for sale. They did! It was in huge barrels with a spout in front. They fill plastic bottles for you or you can bring glass containers and fill them. You pay by the liter (2 euros). Cheap and good wine.

We returned home to try our new wine and have some lunch. We enjoyed it on the deck seeing our fabulous view. We then went to our mountain castle town Castel Nuovo. We walked around the castle and the small town inside. Then we drove down the windy mountain road to the beach. This time it was Ascea. The water is green by the beach and dark blue farther out. It is mesmerizing to watch. Was this a dream or were we really on vacation?

That night we returned to La Campagnola for pizza. They make it in a huge wood burning oven. It was so good. They make thin crust Neapolitan style pizza (like in New York City). Another day came to and end with a smile from both of us.

Tomorrow we talk about Tuesday.

George & Jo Anne

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