How to buy a Place in Italy – Part 14

Now it’s Tuesday in Italy during our vacation. Waking up each morning to these views and sounds (church bells ringing) make it all worth while. It’s like we stepped out of time and our in a different world. Italy is very different from America. It still has all the stuff we gave up along the way. It has real food grown organically. Very little packaged foods and all most no frozen foods. You eat what nature grew here. As you smell and taste the food, you can’t help but wonder why did we let big business change our foods. Our kids don’t even know what a real tomato smells or tastes like. The bread would be enough reason to buy a place in Italy. Crusty outside and soft inside that tastes so good! Everything is farmed and made within a few miles not other countries.

OK back to our story about this wonderful place. We ate the cookies we got yesterday at Franco’s and made some espresso. Italian breakfast. The pastry and cakes and candies here don’t contain as much sugar as in America. They taste good without sugar. Even their milk chocolate is far less sugary than ours. Jo Anne & George are always amazed at how less sugar there is in these products but how much better they taste. George loves Croissants made like you get in Paris. The Italians do it as well. George says the test of a great croissant is after you have consumed it, there is a pile of crumbs in front of you. They are so flakey you can’t help but make crumbs.

Of course each day we journey the mile and a half to the beach to Isola Verde to get on the internet (free WiFi). Communication with family and friends back home is important. Today we decide to drive to the mountain town of Maratea. Our journey starts on a good highway (SP 430) then exits onto a good mountain road and we pass the beach towns of Sappri and Villamare. The water is beautiful with gentile waves and plenty of beach goers. Now the last leg of our journey goes up a mountain road that gets smaller and smaller. You have wonderful views down to the sea. There is not much between you and the sea. Maratea has a protected city center (pedestrians only) like many Italian towns. We park at the bottom of the town and walk up steep hills and stairs through an ancient town. On the mountain high above the city is a huge cross (the 5th largest in the world).

Finally we climb to the city center. It is relatively large with plenty of shops, restaurants and banks. Many people are strolling the streets.

IMG_1052 IMG_1062 IMG_1072

                   Cross high up on Mountain                                        Old streets and stairs                                      City center fountain

We have lunch at a wonderful restaurant in the piazza. We start with fried zucchini flowers (done lightly fried like tempura). Then we shared a risotto and mushroom dish to die for. Of course we had water and local wine. After all this is Italy! On the way back we stopped at another beach town called Palinuro. Then back to the highway and home. We ate the left over pizza from Monday evening. We had some more wine (the bulk wine we bought). The day was good and we slept well that night. You can’t help but be romantic in Italy.

Tomorrow we talk about Wednesday in paradise.

George & Jo Anne


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