Pisciotta Italy

Pisciotta is a mountain city in the province of Salerno and the region of Campania Italy. It has a population of about 2,700 people. You can access this small town from a narrow mountain road out of Ascea Italy. Ascea is a beautiful beach town. The road is narrow but in good condition. There is one place they are working on. A piece of the road fell over the mountain and they are cutting back into the mountain to widen it again. This is very similar to what happens on highway 1 in California. At the top of the mountain road you enter the city. There is a large parking garage on the main street. You park and walk back to the square to a bar and buy a one hour parking ticket. You can buy more than one. Fill them out and put them in your car window.



At the public square you can see people having a coffee and talking. It is the meeting place for this town. Proceed up the hill to a pair of steps. At the top you are in the old city. This part of the city is all stairs and lots of them. The streets are narrow walkways that are charming. We wondered how deliveries were made to restaurants here. Our question was answered shortly as a small elongated golf cart zoomed by. It did not have wheels but tank treads. It was at ease with the hills as well as the steps.

In this old section was a wonderful restaurant with views of the harbor far below to die for. The restaurant is called Tre Gufi (three Owls). The restaurant has outside seating overlooking the harbor. We sat at a table here and had a wonderful lunch. The food is fresh and delicious. After lunch, energized, we walked around this small town and back to the main square. It was time to leave this wonderful town. We knew we would return again. Then all that was left was the mountain road back down to Ascea and the beaches.

IMG_1156 IMG_1160

                          Tre Gufi Restaurant                                                           View from Tre Gufi Restaurant

George & Jo Anne


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