Ascea, Italy

Another beach town near us and just south of Marina Casal Velino (see yesterday’s BLOG) is Ascea. Ascea has beautiful beaches as well. There are rocks by the water but they are beautiful. They have a dark grey color with white stripes running through them. When wet they look polished. Jo Anne collected a lot of them at this beach. Like Marina Casal Velino, there are free beaches and paid clubs. The clubs offer umbrellas, lounge chairs and a table for your admission. The food you can order is wonderful.


From the water as you look back, all you see are mountains. The land here is rugged down to the coast. As can be seen in the picture above, the beaches can get crowded. There is a street that runs along the water with ample parking. If you take this street south to the end (it becomes a dirt road), it ends in a parking lot. The beach here is a club and is the last beach south in Ascea.

The city is about 14 sq. miles and has a population of almost 6,000. In the summer, especially August, there are many more people here. There is a train station in the center of town that links the north from Salerno and Naples and the south to Sicily. As in all Italian cities, there are plenty of bars and restaurants. There are also hotels and B&Bs here.

George & Jo Anne


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