Velina Castelnuovo Cilento, Italy

Our second home is in Italy. The town is a little confusing. It is called Velina but it is part of the next town called Castelnuovo Cilento. It is in The Cilento national Park and the Province of Campania. The whole area is referred to as Casal Velino which is a mountain town nearby and has a beach town called Marina Casal Velino. People in the Amalfi Coast area never  heard of our town. Only those that vacation here in the summer know of this area. There is good train service into Valo Scalo or Ascea. The Valo Scalo train station is called Vallo della Lucania which is a nearby town with a college and good hospital. The train is actually in the town of Valo Scalo.

Our town has two main streets. One is the road that runs from Valo Scalo to Ascea. In our town it is loaded with stores. Beach shops, clothing stores, shoe stores, fruit and vegetable stands, pastry shops, chocolate shops, bread stores, mozzarella stores, bars and delis. From this street another main street goes off to Casal Velino and Marina Casal Velino. This street has several bars, a used car lot, supermarket, laundry and furniture store.

Tourists don’t usually come to our town even though two great beaches are less than 2 miles away. Our town does have an Agroturismo or family run farmhouse hotel. These are great in Italy. They grow organic vegetables and fruits and raise organic animals for meat. They have a big store to sell their produce to the public. They also have a hotel. Rooms are clean and breakfast is usually included. Tourists do wonder here since the rooms are cheaper than the beach hotels.

All in all the town of Velina is a great place to live. You have everything you need in the town. The beaches are close by and there are many mountain towns a short drive away. There are good highways into this area from the south or the north (Rome, Naples and Salerno). There are the ancient Greek ruins of Paestum and Velia close by. Restaurants are very good and abundant. The drive from the Rome Airport is only 4 hours.

George & Jo Anne


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