Italian Facts

Most people I speak to have either been to Italy, are going or want to go. It should be on everyone’s bucket list! Is it on yours? Italy is a romantic country with romantic people. It’s landscapes are beautiful. It’s history is deep and ancient. It’s food & wine are among the best in the world. Below are some facts on Italy from “Italy Facts for Kids”:

  1. Population in 2013 was 61.3 million people
  2. The capital of Italy is Rome (founded in 753 BC)
  3. It’s official name is Repubbica Italiana (nicknamed Bel Paese or beautiful country)
  4. Italy has a 98% literacy rate
  5. The flag as three colors: Green (hope), White (faith) and Red (charity)
  6. The country of Italy completely surrounds two of the smallest countries in the world: San Marino in the north and Vatican City in Rome

Italian Flag

George & Jo Anne


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