Italy Buck List Trips

“My Itchy Travel Feet” BLOG posted two bucket list trips:

  1. Northern Italy
  2. Southern Italy

Italy is romantic and beautiful both north and south. Food changes, fashions change and dialects change but Italians are Italians. They love Americans, their food and their wine. They are a romantic people. I have always said on this BLOG, that you need to see the big cities and their museums and monuments but afterwards go to the small beach and mountain cities.

How to plan your Italian trip:

  1. Decide if you will go on your own or in a formal tour. Italy can easily be enjoyed on your own or with small private tours like ours. The big Italian tours are not as fun. They often stop in touristy restaurants that are not the same as real Italian restaurants. They can’t go to really small mountain towns with big tour buses. You are usually locked into tour parameters. When on your own, you can change your mind and stay in a beautiful city for additional days.
  2. Decide what you want to see. Are you going to the big cities of Rome, Venice, Florence and Naples or small cities.
  3. Pick an area of Italy like Campania or Abruzzi. Don’t try to do all of Italy in 7 days. It doesn’t work!
  4. Decide on mountain or beach towns or both.
  5. Pick which cities to spend your nights in. Look up hotel prices, accommodations and availability on the Internet.
  6. Decide if you are going safe and will lock in hotels with a credit card or play it by ear and decide when you arrive in a city.
  7. Look up history, sites to see and local food specialties.
  8. Plan your trip with a small tour or rent a car and drive. If you will drive make sure you have a good GPS program on your smart phone. Plan your travel routes by how long it will take. Give your self extra time for delays, traffic, lunch and dinner and sightseeing. Remember Italy closes its stores in most towns from 1pm to around 4 pm.
  9. Learn some Italian to say Buon Giorno (good day but used to say hello to a stranger as well), Grazie (Thank you) and Prego (Thank You). Most of us have been to good Italian restaurants in America that list the food in Italian. We are familiar with the choices like Carne (meat), Pesce (fish), Insalata (salad) and Dolce (dessert).
  10. Plan your flights on a non-stop flight if possible. Some stop overs can be as long as 8 to 10 hours. We prefer after a long flight to be driving in the Italian countryside to waiting another 8+ hours at an airport.
  11. Don’t forget to try Italian gelato (ice cream) and chocolate!

Once you arrive, forget about your worries and troubles and enjoy Italy. Be respectful and courteous. Most of all enjoy your trip and the memories it creates!

George & Jo Anne


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