The Autostrada’s of Italy

The Italian Autostrada is much like the German Autobahn. They are high-speed roads with at least 2 lanes but many have 3 lanes each way. There are tolls on these roads. Toll plazas can be at exits/entrances or across the entire highway. The main north-south highways are labeled A plus a one or two digit number. Connector highways that can go in any direction are labeled E and have two or three digit number. These roads are easy to navigate. A few driving rules exist:

  1. Never hog the left lane! Use it to pass and then move back into the middle lane. If a car is approaching from the rear, move over. I can not stress this enough. Italians roads have speed limits by lane. The left is the highest, the middle a little less and the right lane is for slow-moving vehicles.
  2. Use your turn signal to indicate lane change.
  3. Lane lines are just a suggestion in Italy! You will see cars driving on them and right next to you. This is normale (normal)!
  4. Use your GPS device or smart phone to get directions and distances. We use the Tom-Tom App on our iPhones.
  5. Auto Grills are rest areas on these highways. They have good food, restrooms and all kinds of tourist junk. Take a break from driving, stretch your legs, eat something and have a cafè.

The main Autostrada’s are:

  • A1 – Milan to Naples
  • A2 – Old Rome to Naples but now it is part of A1
  • A3 – Naples south to ferry to Siciliy
  • A4 – Turin to Trieste
  • A5 – Turin to Monte Bianco
  • A6 – Turin to Savona
  • A7 – Milan to Genoa
  • A8 – Milan to Varese
  • A9 – Lainate to Chiasso
  • A10 – Genoa to Ventimiglia

The list goes on and on. See a complete list on Wikipedia.

Get out and rent a car and see the real Italy.

George & Jo Anne


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