Snow in Italy

We are getting an arctic blast and so is Europe! Italy has snow in the South. The boot of Italy and Sicily has snow. This is unheard of. Sicily is only about 100 miles from Africa and it has snow. This is as rare as Southern California getting snow. When it happens people take off from work to play in the snow.

This area of Italy is mountainous with narrow roads on mountain cliffs. They really were not designed to be driven in the snow. Did any of my readers go to Italy and see this? Rome can get snow each year but it is usually only a small amount and doesn’t last long. Below is the Coliseum in Rome in the snow.

Snow Coleseum

This rare phenomena is caused by arctic air from the north coming south over the Alps and down the length of the Italian peninsula. Most people don’t like snow except on the ski slopes. This is something to see and experience once. If it gets too cold just stop in the local bar for a coffee, drink or something to eat. Enjoy …

George & Jo


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2 thoughts on “Snow in Italy

  1. Rosemarie

    The Italian philosophy for any unheard of phenomenon…take the day off and play…gotta love it. Probably not many Italians in Atlanta. :o)

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