The Amalfi Coast

Everyone has heard of this famous piece of Italian coastline in the Provence of Campania. Many Americans and Europeans visit it each year. The mountains along this coastline are high and rugged. There are no roads that transcend them. The only way in and out is at Sorrento on the west side and Salerno on the east side. This one road is called the Amalfi Coast Highway and is very famous. It has been used in many movies including Under the Tuscan Sun. The Sorrento side is just south of Naples and Pompeii. There are autostradas from Rome south to Naples that then go north of the mountains mentioned above to Salerno. You can easily get to Sorrento or Salerno and start your Amalfi coast vacation.

The cities most visited here are:

  1. Capri – An island off the coast of Sorrento – This beautiful island is the playground of the rich and famous. It can only be gotten to be boat.
  2. Sorrento – A city on the western end of the Amalfi coast highway.
  3. Positano – A city of a million steps that is very beautiful about 1/3 of the way in from Sorrento.
  4. Amalfi – A beautiful seaport town long the Amalfi coast. The cathedral here is magnificent.
  5. Ravello – An old resort town high up in the mountains above Amalfi. The rich and famous used to go to the resorts here to escape the press.
  6. Small Towns – There are many small towns on the cliffs along the Amalfi coast highway. You can stop if you are driving or have a car service. The local buses also stop along this highway at each town.

We will BLOG about each of these towns in our next few posts. Getting to this area is not always easy but there are several ways:

  1. Rental Car – From Rome, Naples or the Naples airport – The drive is south along Autostrada A1 to Naples then the A3 then follow signs to Sorrento.
  2. Airplane to Naples – After landing in Naples you can rent a car, hire a car or take a bus.
  3. Car Service – From Rome or Naples. It is expensive but a great luxury to enjoy – These are large comfortable cars or vans that can be shared or rented privately.
  4. Bus – From Naples or Naples airport – These smaller shuttle buses run to Sorrento then along the Amalfi coast highway to Salerno. They stop at all the small towns along the way.
  5. Ferry Boats – There are two types of ferries: slow speed and fast (hydrofoils). They run from Naples to Sorrento or Capri. Then to Positano, Amalfi and Salerno. Some stop at smaller towns as well. The hydrofoils are more expensive but take about half the time.

There are no trains along the Amalfi coast. You can take fast trains from anywhere in Europe to Naples. Slower trains also run from Naples to Sorrento. After arriving in these towns, cars are not needed. Park them and forget about them until you have to leave. Ferries run like shuttle buses along the coast here. They are the easiest way of going to another town for  a day or several days. The beaches are rocky but the water is beautiful and warm. Enjoy your trip and make it a romantic one.

George & Joanne


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3 thoughts on “The Amalfi Coast

  1. Great information. I have been to the Amalfi coast several times and yet picked up tips from this post

    • Thanks Lyn what was your favorite city?

      • We rented a house in Praiano and visited many places. Each had their own unique charm. I liked Amalfi for its lack of steps and great swimming. I loved Ravello for its gardens and views but my favorite is Positano for many reasons.

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