Amalfi Coast – Amalfi

Amalfi is a beautiful seaport on the Amalfi Coast. It is accessible only by ferry, bus or driving on the Amalfi Coast Highway. You can take this highway from Salerno heading west or from Sorrento heading east. Most ferries stop here from other cities like Naples, Sorrento, Capri, Positano and Salerno. Ferries are inexpensive and easy to take. You could have a carless vacation by flying into Naples and taking a car service, bus or van to Sorrento. From here take a ferry to Capri, then to Positano, then to Amalfi and finally to Salerno. From Salerno you can get a ferry (to Naples then a taxi or bus to the airport), bus, car service or van back to the Naples airport. You can also take buses along the Amalfi Coast Highway but in the peak season they run late because of traffic. They also tend to be crowded. They are cheaper than the ferry.

Amalfi has the Amalfi Coast highway at sea level. The south side of the highway is the port and bus depot. The north side of the highway is the city. As you enter the city through its ancient walls, you arrive at the piazza Duomo. Here you will see a beautiful fountain, many outdoor restaurants and a beautiful cathedral. It is the Sant’Andrea Cathedral or Duomo of Amalfi.

Cathederal Amalfi

The clock tower on the left of the Duomo is magnificent. Take time to tour these buildings. There are a lot of steps to get up to the church. Take your time and then enjoy the church. After you leave have a gelato, glass of wine or lunch in the Piazza. Take some pictures of the church and clock tower and watch the people. The fountain is a great place for people watching. The water is drinkable and you will see many people stop for a drink.

There are small streets off the main Piazza that have shops and more restaurants. Just take your time and enjoy. When you are done, find your way back to the Piazza and out of the city walls across the Amalfi Coast Highway (at a light). Here you will find buses and ferries.

You can get a bus here to Ravello, high up in the mountain behind Amalfi. This is well worth a trip to see. Tomorrow we will discuss Ravello.

George & Jo Anne


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