Roman Holiday

Rome is a super attraction for visitors the world over. It is a marvelously preserved ancient city. Rome has two main parts, inside the old walls and outside. Inside the walls encompasses most tourist attractions (but not all – Villa Borghese is outside the walls on a hill). You can walk this part of Rome easily. In August be aware of the heat and have plenty of water. Rome has an excellent metro system (subway) that can get you anywhere you want to go. Rome also has several train stations that connect it to major and minor Italian cities as well as the rest of Europe.

Sites like the Vatican, Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, Spanish Steps, Old Rome and Pantheon attract visitors each year. Try to enjoy the small streets and local restaurants between these cities. Stop for some chocolate or a gelato. Watch the Italians and the visitors. You can easily tell them apart. If you are in love, this is a city of romance. Share it with the person you love. Be spontaneous and romantic. Enjoy this great city.

Walk the old streets of old Rome. Think about the fact that you are walking the same cobblestones as the ancient Romans. Breathing the air looking at the mountains. Of course Rome is a huge modern city now but let your imagination run wild for just a moment. When you get tired stop and have a something to eat and order local wine. Don’t go to tourist places. Pick something that local Italians are eating at. For just a short time you are a Roman!

George & Jo Anne


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